Jhonjhabate ghurni baye

Number Language Raga Tala
3393 Bengali Bhairavi Kaharva

Calcutta, February 10, 1986


Jhonjhabate ghurni baye, tumi eshe chhile
Ami ghumiye chhilum
Moner mukure chhonde shure, amare jagiye dile
Ami takiye chhilum, ami ghumiye chhilum.
Jhonjhabate …

Otite shab kichhu bhule gye chhi,
notun ushar pane cheye dekhe chhi
Porano diner kotha, harano sritiro betha,
shab kichhu bhashiye dilum.
Ami ghumiye …

Dhire dhire kachhe eshe kotha kohile,
moner gohon kone probesh korile
Modhumoy she bhabona, dutimoy she chetona,
tate nije bheshe gelum.
Ami ghumiye …


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You came in the midst of stormy scary winds
I was asleep (though).
You awakened me, coming in my mind with music and rhythms
I was staring, I was asleep.

Forgetting everything of the past, I look forward to the new dawn
Story of the past and memories of the lost days
All have swept away.

Slowly You came near me, and told me the story
You entered the deep recesses of mind.
That sweet feeling, that bright cognition
Only with that (memory) have I swept myself away.

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