Online Classes

We offer weekly classes and courses live through the internet where instructor Kirit Dave shares his knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Classes have one and a half hours duration; they are given in English with consecutive interpretation to Portuguese.

Our online classes are open to all interested people, wherever they are!


Check the classes being offered:

Prabhat Samgiita:

  • Classes are on the first Friday of every month, from 8:00 to 9:30pm (UTC -2:00h until February 19, 2017).
  • Study and practice of pronunciation and exploration of the meaning of selected Prabhat Samgiita songs.
  • There is no prerequisite to attend.
  • Access here the webpage of the classes, including recordings from the classes since 2014.

Astaunga Yoga:

  • Classes every Friday, from 8:00 to 9:30pm (UTC -2:00h until February 19, 2017) – except on the first Friday every month.
  • Long term course on the science of meditation with emphasis on meditation practices based on the Astaunga Yoga model.
  • Cumulative content including 20 classes of introduction to spiritual philosophy.
  • Access here the webpage of the course.



Classes are hosted on a virtual platform called Webex, proper for online meetings and classes.

Attendees connect at the same time, and enabling audio in the conference mode allows participants to hear each other and talk.


See here how to attend the classes.

Classes and courses already offered:

The online classes started on 2010.

See here all the classes and courses that have already happened.

All classes have been recorded for future reference and study. The recordings already made available in this website can be accessed through the above link.

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