2014 Tour

2014 Prabhat Samgiita Tour

The 5th Tour with Kirit Dave in Brazil happened from July 18 to August 10 and passed through following cities: (Click on a city to see details, pictures, available materials and audios.)

In the intensive training carried out in Pontal do Sul – PR some classes were conducted by Jiivanii, participant of the PS Movement since 2013 and the first musical instructor formed in Brazil under guidance of Kirit Dave. Tabla player Joaquin Olmedo accompanied Kirit throughout the whole Tour. Mahesh Deva and Mele Kealoha accompanied Kirit in the Tour doing the interpretation work.


Booklets available – in Portuguese unless noted otherwise (click to open; with option to download in pdf format):

Workshop in Rio de Janeiro: click here

Workshop in Araruama: click here

Workshop in Belmiro Braga (Ananda Kiirtana): click here

Workshop in Porto Alegre: click here

Intensive course in Pontal do Sul:


 Details of the Tour:

Dates City Program
July 18 – 20 Rio de Janeiro – RJ concert and workshop
July 25 – 28 Araruama – RJ concert and workshop
July 28 Belmiro Braga – MG workshop and concert
August 1 – 3 Porto Alegre – RS concert and workshop
August 4 – 10 Pontal do Sul – PR intensive training and concert
August 10 Curitiba – PR concert