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Amar moner udbelotay

Number Language Raga Tala
3237 Bengali Bhairavi Keherva

Calcutta, 4 December, 1985


Amar moner udbelotay, tumi bujhe chho kachhe eshe chho
Urmi chonchol ei shoritay, tumi chine chho tene niye chho.
Tumi bujhe …

Duratto rakhoni kono, momotate bendhe chho onure jeno
He moha shindhu e nirobinduke, bhalobeshe phele chho.
Tumi bujhe …

Harabar bhoy neiko amar, triloke trigune tumi shomahar
Oshesh apar tumi sharatshar, e bani janiye diye chho.
Tumi bujhe …


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Knowing my restless heart, You came close to me
You know the unsettled emotions of (the river) of my heart
(And) So You drew me near You

Please do not keep any distance,
You have tied me (microcosm) in Your love.
Oh the vast cosmic-ocean, you have set free the droplet
wrapped in Your love.

I do not fear the defeat
You are the summation of all universes and all qualifications
Endless, infinite, You are the essence of all essences
You have enlightened me with this truth.

Bishsho dolay dol diye chho 1

Number Language Raga Tala
2777 Bengali Rupak

Calcutta, June 9, 1985.


Bishsho   dolay   dol   diye   chho,   lilay   bhubon   nache,
Kachhe   dure,   nanan   shure,   gitir   dhara   majhe.  
Lilay …
Aapon   porer   probhed   bhola,   dar   batayan   holo   khola
Ekhon   shudhuy   egiye   chola,   bhule   bhiti   laje.  
Lilay   …
Bishsho   tomar   lilabhinay,   noy   hobe   hoy,   hoy   hobe   noy
Brithai   kañda,   britha   onunoy,   roshabhasher   shaje.  
Lilay …


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You make the universe dance in Your lila
Far and near, in various notes of music,
And within the flow of songs
You make the universe dance.

Forgetting all differentiations, opening doors of heart
Constantly moving forward, forgetting fear and shyness
(The universe dances).

This universe is the drama of your lila
The improbable happens, and the probable fails
(It is) Useless to cry, and useless to plead
All is but decorated within the vast cosmic acting.




Shonali bhor jibone mor

Number Language Raga Tala
130 Bengali Asavari Dadra

Calcutta, November 20, 1982


Shonali bhor jibone mor, aabar ki re aashabe phire
Shato bethar shato bedonar, shato lanchhanar aandhar chire
Shonali bhor …

Kato prodosh, kato probhat, kato sharot boshonto rat
Kato aasha, kato bharosha, bheshe gechhe oshru nire.
Shonali bhor …

Purvakashe orun hashe, batash bhashe phulo shubashe
Nabo borshe nabo harshe bethar sriti jay je shore
Shonali bhor …


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The golden dawn of my life, is it returning again?
Piercing the darkness of countless pains,
countless agonies, countless humiliations.

How many twilights, how many dawns,
how many autumn and spring nights,
how many hopes and aspirations
have all passed by, floating away in tears?

On the eastern horizon the crimson dawn smiles,
the fragrance of flowers floats in the air.
With the new delight of the newyear,
the memories of pain all vanish away.

Eshe chhile tumi probhu

Number Language Raga Tala
4144 Bengali Darbari Kanada and touches of Kafi Thaat Rupak

Calcutta, September 1, 1987


Eshe chhile tumi probhu, amar mone shongopone,
Bheshe chhile chidakashe, dola diye ronge ronge.
Eshe chhile …

She dolate bishho dole, she dolate bhubon bhole,
She dolay egiye chole amor giti dur bimane.
Eshe chhile …

She dolake jay na bhola, she e je duti mekhola
She dola bhuliye jala, chetona aane monone.
Eshe chhile …


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Oh Parampurusha You came in my heart,
secretly and in privacy
flooding my being with cognition
dancing it in multitudes of colors.

The universe swings (dances) as He makes it swing
The universe forgets itself, as He sways it
Moving forward
like an eternal song in the distant sky.

(None) can forget that swinging (dance)
like a bright lovely wrapper
forgetting all painful pangs
bringing (peaceful) cognition to hearts.

Vrindavanam Parityajya

Number Language Raga Tala
4425 Sanskrit Bageshrii Dadra

Calcutta, August 30, 1988


Vrindavanam parityajya
Padam ekam na gachhami
Pashyami yad yada yada
Vrajabhavam na vismarami
Padam ekam …

Vadantu yad mahajanaha
Nindantu yad niitinipunaha
Bhasante yad pragya janaha
Bhavagokule dhitisthami
Padam ekam …

Kule kule niipa tamale
Priiti Vrindavane atule
Yamuna kule suniile
Praktah evam vadami
Padam ekam …


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Leaving Vrindavan
I do not go even a single step.
Whatever, wherever I see,
I will only remember Vrindavan.

Whatever may the scholars say,
Whatever may the scriptural experts critic,
Whatever may the realized persons say,
I will remain established in the sentiment of Gokula.

By the tamal trees on the river bank,
Amidst the in-comparable love of my devotees,
On the bank of the blue waters of Yamuna
I declare, I will always remain