How to attend


To participate in the classes, write us an email with the following:

  • Introduce yourself and ask to receive the invitations of the classes (sent by email).
  • Specify which classes you are interested in attending. (See the online classes being offered; enter a course’s page to get more information on it.)
  • If you are interested in the Astaunga Yoga course, you should mention if you have at least the first lesson of Ananda Marga meditation or some equivalent practice – which is a general prerequisite.
  • Also, if you start attending the Astaunga Yoga course, it’s advisable for you to review  and study the recordings of past classes. So, for this purpose, specify in your email if you want to have access to the recordings.
  • Send your email to

After your registration is confirmed, you will receive the weekly invitations of the classes by email, as well as notices relevant to the classes.

The email invitations include the link to the Webex webpage and password to enter the classes.

Read below how to connect to the online classes and about helping sharing the costs of the classes.



1. Hardware

You will need:

  • computer or mobile device (tablet, smartphone or other) connected to the Internet; and
  • headset (recommended), or ear phone and microphone.

2. Test meeting

If it’s your first time in the classes, it’s advisable to do a test meeting before the actual class. If possible, do this before the day of the class.

To join a test meeting, click here.

Notes: When entering the test meeting, the necessary software additions should be automatically offered to you. It may be necessary to download and install Cisco WebEx Meetings application. It will remain associated to the browser you are using at the moment. It may also be necessary to add the Cisco WebEx Extension plugin to your browser.

3. Joining the classes

In the beginning of every week the class invitation for that week will be sent to your email address.

In this invitation you will find the link and password to join the class and a few more instructions/recommendations on how to join the classes.



Kirit Dave, the instructor, doesn’t charge anything for his classes and shares his knowledge as a voluntary service.

On the other hand, use of the Webex platform for virtual conferences and meetings is charged to us by Cisco. And there are also maintenance costs of this website.

To cover the costs, a sharing of costs between attendees is organized. In the beginning of every month an email is sent out with the details.

It’s recommended for all to participate in the cost sharing. But then, if someone faces financial difficulties to do this, the person can attend the classes.

The classes are open for all!