What is Prabhat Samgiita?

Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (lovingly called Baba) composed the lyrics and music for 5018 songs from September 14, 1982 to October 21, 1990. The totality of these songs is called Prabhat Samgiit.

Samgiit, in Sanskrit, means a combination of vocal music, instrumental music and dance. Prabhat is the name of the composer of these songs. Prabhat also means dawn; hence Prabhat Samgiit suggests a new dawn in regards to how lyrics, music and dance can be conceptualized and presented – a new inspiration in collective spirituality through the blended beauty of these art forms.

Prabhat Samgiit includes songs which express a wide variety of spiritual and mystical sentiments besides many other themes – e.g. songs for different occasions and social festivals, on the seasons of the year, children stories, songs about Krishna and Shiva, and many more. The composer employed a diversity of musical forms, from different ragas of Indian classical music to varied styles of Indian folk music and of other countries.

The great majority of the songs are in the Bengali language but over 40 were composed in other languages also, like Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, and English.

An eternal note of optimism rings in all the songs, inspiring both singers and listeners to shake off depression, melancholy and fatigue, and generates a new vitality in life.

Prabhat Samgiit is a precious gift Baba has offered to humanity. In the short span of eight years, he composed these songs to kindle the flame of devotion and spirituality in every heart and to help lead humanity into the glory of excellence, life, light and fulfillment.

Singing or listening to these songs can help transform this world from one of malice, hatred and spite into one of harmony, amity and fraternity. We hope you will enjoy this music.