Shubho chetonay

Number Language Raga Tala
4775 Bengali Darbari Kanada Keherva

Calcutta, March 2, 1990.


Shubho chetonay priti dotonay
Eshe chhile tumi priyo aamar ghore
Mon jomunay dheu neche jay
Ujaner pane tumi chalale tare

Nitto brindabone aachho bhokter shone
Shabakar kotha shune jao tumi protikhone
Shob bhab shob kaaj royechhe tabo monone
Tumi achho mormo bhore
Eshe chhile tumi…

Nittanondo tabo lilanonder shathe
Shob kichhu ghire achho he priyo oto-prote
Onuporomanu majhe he chiro achho jogote
Kalatito kalgoto proti prohore
Eshe chhile tumi…


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Oh beloved, You came to my mind, with blessed loving spirit.
Surging waves of the Jomuna (river) of my mind, dancing away,
You guide them upstream.

You are always in the Brindaban of devotees mind.
You always listen to the stories of all.
All sentiments and actions are within Your mind.
You fill all hearts.

(While) In Your liila, You are beyond all liila,
You surround (witness) all individually and collectively.
You are eternally present in the deepest existence of all
You are beyond time, in movement of time, at all times.


Tumi je eshe chho aaj

Number Language Raga Tala
647 Bengali Darbari Kanada Tintal ou Keherva

Calcutta July 5, 1983


Tumi je eshe chho aaj, byatho joner kotha bhabite
Shabar moner kalo nashite, shakol jibere bhalobashite

Taboo aasha poth cheye boshiya chhilo je dhora
Bethar chinho tar chhilo je onge bhora
Shukher shakol resh hoye giye-chhilo hara
Klesher darun bhar bohite bohite

Dhoraro bokhkhe jalo aaro beshi kore aalo
Nipidito hiya majhe aaro beshi shudha dhalo
Udatto shore shabare dak diye balo
Uñchu shire shammukh pane cholite


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O Lord, you have come today to care for suffering people,
to destroy the darkness from all minds, to love all living beings.

The earth waited eagerly for Your arrival.
Signs of injury all over her body.
Traces of happiness all but lost,
Carrying on and on the burden of agony.

On the bosom of the earth, kindle more light.
Into the distressed heart, pour even more nectar.
Calling everyone in resolute voice,
to move forward with heads held high.


Tomare deke chhi

Number Language Raga Tala
3522 Bengali Bhairavi Keherva

Calcutta April 29, 1986


Tomare deke chhi tomare cheye chhi
Tumi chhada kichhu na jani
Monone mete chhi bhalobeshe chhi
Bishshe shudhui tomare mani

Tomari bhabher srote ami bhashigo
Tomari kurubinda te nachigo
Tumi shindhu ami bindu
Tomari priti more rekhe chhe tani
Tumi chadda kichhu…

Ushna ulkaghate korokapate
Dokhina shomirone jyotsna rate
Morme bhashe dikboloye hashe
Tomari giti omrito bani
Tumi chhada kichhu…


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I call you, I desire you alone, I know none else.
My mind intoxicated in Your love, only understands You.

I have been swept in the floods of Your thoughts, dancing in Your desire.
You are the infinite ocean I am Your droplet, Your love binds me eternally.

In the showering of the fierce meteors and violent hailstorm
In the cool comforting winds of a full moon light
Your song and nectar of sweet voice, floats my heart away towards smiling horizon.


Sheje eshe chhe

Number Language Raga Tala
38 Bengali Kaharva

Ananda Nagar, 19 October, 1982


Sheje eshe chhe, mor hridoye gunjariya.
Shudha bhoriya modhu jhoriya.
Alokho debota monero majhare.
Shab kicchu alokito koriya.
Modhu jhoriya jhoriya

Emono mohono shaje she keno ashe.
Poran matano hashi she keno hashe.
Tari alo, tari alo mor bedonaro meghe.
Ramdhonu rongo dilo bhoriya
Modhu jhoriya jhoriya

Jagoter jato gan jato shur jato tan
Mone prane take nilo bhoriya
Modhu jhoriya jhoriya


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Parampurush has come and my heart is as if humming.
Nectar is filled and sweetness is dripping.
Invisible, God is in my mind.
Enlightening everything.
Dripping sweetness everywhere.

How does He appear with such a supra-esthetic beauty?
How does He smile such a heart intoxicating smile?
Withering away dark clouds of my sufferings by His light
Filling my heart with rainbow colors
Dripping sweetness everywhere.

All songs, all notes, all music in the world
Filled my heart and mind
Sweetness is dripping everywhere

Jhonjhabate ghurni baye

Number Language Raga Tala
3393 Bengali Bhairavi Kaharva

Calcutta, February 10, 1986


Jhonjhabate ghurni baye, tumi eshe chhile
Ami ghumiye chhilum
Moner mukure chhonde shure, amare jagiye dile
Ami takiye chhilum, ami ghumiye chhilum.
Jhonjhabate …

Otite shab kichhu bhule gye chhi,
notun ushar pane cheye dekhe chhi
Porano diner kotha, harano sritiro betha,
shab kichhu bhashiye dilum.
Ami ghumiye …

Dhire dhire kachhe eshe kotha kohile,
moner gohon kone probesh korile
Modhumoy she bhabona, dutimoy she chetona,
tate nije bheshe gelum.
Ami ghumiye …


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You came in the midst of stormy scary winds
I was asleep (though).
You awakened me, coming in my mind with music and rhythms
I was staring, I was asleep.

Forgetting everything of the past, I look forward to the new dawn
Story of the past and memories of the lost days
All have swept away.

Slowly You came near me, and told me the story
You entered the deep recesses of mind.
That sweet feeling, that bright cognition
Only with that (memory) have I swept myself away.

Amar moner udbelotay

Number Language Raga Tala
3237 Bengali Bhairavi Keherva

Calcutta, 4 December, 1985


Amar moner udbelotay, tumi bujhe chho kachhe eshe chho
Urmi chonchol ei shoritay, tumi chine chho tene niye chho.
Tumi bujhe …

Duratto rakhoni kono, momotate bendhe chho onure jeno
He moha shindhu e nirobinduke, bhalobeshe phele chho.
Tumi bujhe …

Harabar bhoy neiko amar, triloke trigune tumi shomahar
Oshesh apar tumi sharatshar, e bani janiye diye chho.
Tumi bujhe …


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Knowing my restless heart, You came close to me
You know the unsettled emotions of (the river) of my heart
(And) So You drew me near You

Please do not keep any distance,
You have tied me (microcosm) in Your love.
Oh the vast cosmic-ocean, you have set free the droplet
wrapped in Your love.

I do not fear the defeat
You are the summation of all universes and all qualifications
Endless, infinite, You are the essence of all essences
You have enlightened me with this truth.