2016 Tour

2016 Prabhat Samgiita Tour

The 7th Prabhat Samgiita tour with Kirit Dave in Brazil happened from July 5 to August 16 and passed through following cities:

Tabla player and instructor Ashesh Deva accompanied Kirit in most of the cities. Luiza Rachelle accompanied Kirit in the whole tour doing the translation work.

Below follow some spontaneous testimonies via Whatsapp; the tour details; and some pictures of the intensive training in Pontal.

“I would like to thank you a lot for the kindness and affection with which I was welcomed. I loved to meet each one of you, thank you for making me have wonderful days and allowing me to be part of this family!”

“…I would like so much to hug each one of you and say how much I was feeling happy for being there once more! I love a lot this spiritual family. You make so much good to me!!!!”

“Gratitude my beloved ones for all the intense life learning during these days!! Good year to all and see you next year! Love is all there is!!”


Details of the Tour:

Dates City Program
July 05 Petrópolis – RJ talk and recital
July 08 – 10 Rio de Janeiro – RJ concert and workshop
July 12 Juiz de Fora – MG recital
July 14 Belo Horizonte – MG workshop and recital
July 22 – 24 Porto Alegre – RS tabla workshop, talk, workshop and concert
July 25 – 31 Pontal do Sul – PR intensive training and concert
August 01 – 02 Piracaia – SP concert and workshop
August 04 Campinas – SP concert
August 05 – 09 São Paulo – SP concert and 2 workshops
August 11 – 14 Brasília – DF talk, concert and workshop
August 16 Petrópolis – RJ talk