Prabhat Samgiita

Prabhat Samgiita Classes

In each class instructor Kirit Dave conducts the study of one or more selected Prabhat Samgiita songs.


General contents of the classes:

  • Kirit gives an introduction to the song.
  • Pronunciation of each song is demonstrated and participants repeat collectively and individually, receiving feedbacks from the instructor.
  • Kirit explores the meaning of the song starting with the meaning of each word in a sentence, and then progressively building up to the meaning of each line, paragraph, and finally the overall meaning of the song.
  • When appropriate, connections with the spiritual philosophy and other themes around the song are established. Attendees may also share their individual perceptions and feelings related to the song.
  • And when possible, Kirit gives a demonstration (musical rendering) of the song with voice and harmonium.


Overview / introduction to the online classes: click here.



Below recordings of the classes since 2014 are available for download.

The classes have been going on since 2010; all of them have been recorded. In time we will make the remaining recordings available here.

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 2014 and before:


Intensive study of songs in raga Bhairavi: