Bhalobasha bhora

Number Language Raga Tala
4713 Bengali Bhairavi and a touch of Chandrakauns Dadra

Calcutta, January 27, 1990


Bhalobasha bhora bhubaner ronge tiktota dhelo na
Kareo kandite dio na, kareo kandite dio na
Mohanero rupe smito dhupe dipe
Oshanti bhoro na. Kareo kandite dio na.

Probhato proshun smito shatodol
Chhodaiya dey priti porimol
Modhurima makha aalokajjalo
Dine kalo korona. Kareo kandite dio na.

Shondha tara bole mridu heshe
Shabar momota shabetei meshe
Ketoki keshoro mohakashe bhashe
Tahare rodhio na. Kareo kandite dio na.


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This universe filled with color of love,
Please do not emit bitterness.
Let no one cry (in pain)
In the charming colorful smiles
Please do not disturb peace.

The morning lotus with lovely smile,
Conveys fragrance of love,
Sweetness full of lovely light
Please do not darken.

The evening star (Venus) speaks with a gentle smile
The love of all merged in all
The scent of ketaki, keshar floating away in the vast sky
Please do not hinder.

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