Keno Krishna shajolo tithite 1

Number Language Raga Tala
3625 Bengali Mixture of Darbari, Piloo and Bhimpalasi Bhajan Theka

Calcutta, July 22, 1986


Keno Krishna shajolo tithite, tumi aashibe na aar Ghanashyam
Mathurar karapurite, aalo jolibena ki gunadhama.
Aashibe na aar …

Goshthir dhenu tabo name mati, shunibena banshi aaro kan pati
Aalo kajjolo thakibena rati, Nando niloye abhiram.
Aashibe na aar …

Jomunaro jole jagibena dheu, kalo rong dekhite tomay keu
Tomalo kunje nippo nikunje, nachibe na Gopi obiram.
Aashibe na aar …


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This song is sung by devotees (Gopis) of Krishna after He left Gokul, and became the king of Mathura. There is sweet painful pleas from devotees to request Krishna to return to Gokul. The song represents spiritual bondage of sadhaka. The nature of this bondage is painfulness from missing the experiences of proximity, closeness, with Parampurusha.

Oh Krishna, Oh Ghanashyama, wont You come again as You did in those days?
Wont there be light at the jail of Mathura oh Gunadham? *

All the cows (of Gokul) used to feel so intoxicated seeing You
Will they no longer hear Your flute?
Will the beautiful nights no longer brighten the home of Nanda?

There will no longer be tides in the waters of Jamuna.
No longer will people remember You when they see dark color
No longer will Gopi dance non-stop in the forests of Tamal trees, oh Krishna.


* Gunadham= abode of good qualities.
Krishna was born in the jail of Mathura. Krishna’s maternal uncle, Kamsa, was then the king of Mathura, and had imprisoned his sister Devaki (mother of Krishna) and Vasudev (Krishna’s father), because he had heard the prophecy that the eigth child of Devaki would destroy him. Krishna was the eighth child, who ultimately did destroy Kamsa.