About Us


Since 2010 there has been a continuous and dedicated effort to publicize and make Prabhat Samgiita accessible in Brazil. This is part of a bigger effort which also started earlier. Around 1990 Kirit Dave started giving Prabhat Samgiita classes in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, with instructions and recommendations he received directly from the composer of Prabhat Samgiita. In Brazil, this effort took the form of a collective movement which was baptized as “Prabhat Samgiita Para Todos”, that is, Prabhat Samgiita For All. This is because we understand that the content and meaning of these songs is universal; and that it was the composer’s intention to make the treasure they contain available to all people in the world; and we are willing to work – and hopefully are already contributing – towards this end.

This movement doesn’t belong to any person or group in particular; it is the property of all people, just as the Prabhat Samgiita songs also are. In the Instructors page our can see some of the names and faces and résumés presently related to this movement. But there are and there were many others: all the local organizers of the annual Tours and Local Programs; all the people who contributed or are contributing in one way or other; and all the people who attended and will attend our programs and hear and learn Prabhat Samgiita (PS), and who are the recipients of all our efforts. This movement is also not confined to any particular country, just as the songs and their message are relevant to all people in the planet.

Kirit Dave, born in India and living in California since his early youth, since the beginning has been our main instructor and a key figure in this movement, tirelessly nourishing it with knowledge, guidance and inspiration, along with his personal example. He was personally instructed/oriented by the composer of the PS songs, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, about the realization of this work. Some of his students are already serving as instructors in different parts of Brazil. This allows the movement to expand and become more autonomous and local, accelerating the transmission of knowledge and creating opportunities for new people to partake from this wealth of Prabhat Samgiita. All this work is done voluntarily. Our main goal is to bring the message of spirituality and universal fraternity to all people.



The movement promotes yearly tours with Kirit as well as activities all over the year with the local instructors. (Feel invited to visit and see records of our PAST EVENTS, especially many pictures.) These in-person activities include workshop, retreats/intensive trainings, concerts/presentations and meetings conducted in different regions and cities in Brazil (as well as in Argentina, in 2011). The main points are: presenting and teaching Prabhat Samgiita songs (along with other compositions and spiritual songs), and specially their message and musical aspect; teaching Indian classical music, mainly as a basis for learning and presenting Prabhat Samgiita; and educating about spiritual philosophy, the science of meditation, and spiritual practices (meditation). You can check out our UPCOMING events or CONTACT US to organize an event.

Besides the in-person activities, we offer ONLINE CLASSES about the Prabhat Samgiita songs – pronunciation and meaning – and courses related to self-development and to the development of a spiritual society – currently about the science of meditation (Astaunga Yoga) applied to meditation practices. Most of these classes have been taught by Kirit, and through them people can have access to the knowledge, wisdom and experiences shared by him.

In this website you can find a selection of SONGS that we have been practicing and presenting. For all of them the lyrics, at least one audio or video recording, and a translation are made available.

For those who are interested in learning the musical aspect of the songs, there is a section on MUSICAL STUDY. It  makes available materials which are utilized in our in-person workshops and trainings. In general, to learn the PS songs with quality and efficiency, it’s appropriate to grasp the basics of Indian classical music. This is especially useful or even necessary because many of the songs are based on the melodic structures of Indian classical music (i.e., on one or more ragas). And if you really want to learn this, we suggest you to participate in our in-person activities focusing on the musical side.

Feel free to CONTACT US and to get more info on the movement, to organize an event with us or to send us your comments. Thank you for your kind attention and interest!