Aji tomari paroshe tomari haroshe

Number Language Raga Tala
734 Bengali Bhairavi Keherva

Calcutta August 8, 1983.


(Aji) tomari paroshe tomari haroshe
Dharoni uthilo hashi
Aji tomari chhonde tomari anonde
Dhora kohilo bhalobashi
Ami tomakei bhalobashi

Tabo kripa dharate tomari aashishe
Kalo kuyashar kali kete gelo nimeshe
Jahara tomar aalo nibaiya dite chhilo
Kotha gelo she paporashi. Tomari paroshe …

Je bhabona chapa chhilo kalpona kushume
Taha aaj nebe elo morttero marome
Dhoray prodip jele shapto lokete mile
Eki shure bajabo bañshi. Tomari paroshe …




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With your touch and joy, the earth is smiling.
In Your rhythms and bliss
The earth proclaims: “I love You, I love You alone”.

By Your ever flowing grace and blessings,
Darkness of the fog destroyed in the blink of an eye.
The epitome of evil that used to extinguish Your light
Oh! Where has that disappeared?

The feelings that were hidden (as if) behind the flowers of imagination
Have now emerged from the depth of the earth.
Lighting the lamps on the earth, merging in all universes,
All will play flutes in One note.

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