Bhajore Ishtho Nam

Number Language Raga Tala
4673 Bengali Bhairavi Bhajan Theka

Calcutta January 4, 1990.

(Ishtha Mantra Song)


Bhajo re ishtho nam, mon amar,
Bhajo re ishtho nam,
Mon amar bhajo re ishtho nam
Srishthi sthiti tatei nihito
Tahatei shesh porinam,
Mon amar bhajo re ishtho nam.

Dilen je purush e amrito nam
Tini i janen er nabo dham
Dhorar dhulay ei obhiram
Shune jao obiram. Mon amar…

Je amrito loke achhen she srashtha
Anrito jogote bhangen she spardha
Shakol dharaker ekak she dhortta
She amar mohon shutham. Mon amar…




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O my mind, Sing the name of Ishta (Ishta Mantra)
Creation, present form and final consequence,
All reside covertly within Him.

Only the supreme One, who bestowed on us this immortal name,
Knows its true resting place.
On this dusty earth, His name is truly beautiful
Constantly listen to His name.

He is the Creator, who remains in the world of immortality
(From there) He breaks all attachments of the transient world
He is the One (and only) controller of all vibrations
He is my ultimate and charming true home.


Aji tomari paroshe tomari haroshe

Number Language Raga Tala
734 Bengali Bhairavi Keherva

Calcutta August 8, 1983.


(Aji) tomari paroshe tomari haroshe
Dharoni uthilo hashi
Aji tomari chhonde tomari anonde
Dhora kohilo bhalobashi
Ami tomakei bhalobashi

Tabo kripa dharate tomari aashishe
Kalo kuyashar kali kete gelo nimeshe
Jahara tomar aalo nibaiya dite chhilo
Kotha gelo she paporashi. Tomari paroshe …

Je bhabona chapa chhilo kalpona kushume
Taha aaj nebe elo morttero marome
Dhoray prodip jele shapto lokete mile
Eki shure bajabo bañshi. Tomari paroshe …




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With your touch and joy, the earth is smiling.
In Your rhythms and bliss
The earth proclaims: “I love You, I love You alone”.

By Your ever flowing grace and blessings,
Darkness of the fog destroyed in the blink of an eye.
The epitome of evil that used to extinguish Your light
Oh! Where has that disappeared?

The feelings that were hidden (as if) behind the flowers of imagination
Have now emerged from the depth of the earth.
Lighting the lamps on the earth, merging in all universes,
All will play flutes in One note.

Aamar dukher rate ele probhu

Number Language Raga Tala
1563 Bengali Bhairavi Dadra

Calcutta June 12, 1984.


Aamar   dukher   rate   ele   probhu,   shukher   dine   ele   na
Aañkhir   jole   dhora   dile,   phañkir   chhole   bhulle   na.
Shukher   dine   ele   na.
Boshonteri   phuler   dalay,   shajiye   rakha   pujarchanay,
Orgho   dite   paini   tomay,   jeche   nile   bedonay
Shukher   dine   ele   na.
Hashir   khelay,   aalor   melay,   paini   tomay   khushir   belay,
Nirandhro   ei   amanishay,   pelum   tabo   koruna.
Shukher   dine   ele   na.


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You visited me on the painful nights, but did not come to share my joys.
You could not be known by the trickery of intellect but by the tears of heart alone.

The spring brought the beauty of flowers; I prepared Items for your worship,
You could not be realized with any offerings,
but only with sincere surrender of the anguished heart.

In the frivolous playfulness and glittering, I did not seek You.
Yet I received Your grace, on the darkest night of the new moon.




Shubho chetonay

Number Language Raga Tala
4775 Bengali Darbari Kanada Keherva

Calcutta, March 2, 1990.


Shubho chetonay priti dotonay
Eshe chhile tumi priyo aamar ghore
Mon jomunay dheu neche jay
Ujaner pane tumi chalale tare

Nitto brindabone aachho bhokter shone
Shabakar kotha shune jao tumi protikhone
Shob bhab shob kaaj royechhe tabo monone
Tumi achho mormo bhore
Eshe chhile tumi…

Nittanondo tabo lilanonder shathe
Shob kichhu ghire achho he priyo oto-prote
Onuporomanu majhe he chiro achho jogote
Kalatito kalgoto proti prohore
Eshe chhile tumi…


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Oh beloved, You came to my mind, with blessed loving spirit.
Surging waves of the Jomuna (river) of my mind, dancing away,
You guide them upstream.

You are always in the Brindaban of devotees mind.
You always listen to the stories of all.
All sentiments and actions are within Your mind.
You fill all hearts.

(While) In Your liila, You are beyond all liila,
You surround (witness) all individually and collectively.
You are eternally present in the deepest existence of all
You are beyond time, in movement of time, at all times.


Vajra kathor kusum korak

Number Language Raga Tala
1565 Sanskrit Yaman Rupak

Calcutta June 13, 1984.


Vajra kathor kusum korak, pinakpanaye namo namaste
Rajat girinibha chandra shekar sarva gunani janami te

Paresh tvam prabhu apareshah tvam, artta jananam ashrayah tvam
Anadi kalatit sante samsthitah namo shantay pashupate

Sarva ratnadhish sarva tyagi tvam marakat mani udbhashitah tvam
Vishva bijam vishvasyadyam, namo shivay sambhutapate


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Translation :


You are as severe as a thunder bolt,
And yet, as tender as a flower bud.
O Lord Shiva, holder of the pinaka (a small, hand held drum), I salute You.

You are like a silver mountain,
With a (crescent) moon on Your head.
I know that You have all the attributes.

You are controller of both the expressed
And the unexpressed worlds.
You are the shelter of all distressed people.

You are beginningless and beyond the scope of time,
And yet, You remain everpresent in all finite objects.
I salute You, O ever tranquil one.
O controlling Lord of animalistic tendencies!

You are the owner of all gems and jewels,
And yet, You have relinquished everything.
You are as effulgent as a bright emerald.

Tumi je eshe chho aaj

Number Language Raga Tala
647 Bengali Darbari Kanada Tintal ou Keherva

Calcutta July 5, 1983


Tumi je eshe chho aaj, byatho joner kotha bhabite
Shabar moner kalo nashite, shakol jibere bhalobashite

Taboo aasha poth cheye boshiya chhilo je dhora
Bethar chinho tar chhilo je onge bhora
Shukher shakol resh hoye giye-chhilo hara
Klesher darun bhar bohite bohite

Dhoraro bokhkhe jalo aaro beshi kore aalo
Nipidito hiya majhe aaro beshi shudha dhalo
Udatto shore shabare dak diye balo
Uñchu shire shammukh pane cholite


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O Lord, you have come today to care for suffering people,
to destroy the darkness from all minds, to love all living beings.

The earth waited eagerly for Your arrival.
Signs of injury all over her body.
Traces of happiness all but lost,
Carrying on and on the burden of agony.

On the bosom of the earth, kindle more light.
Into the distressed heart, pour even more nectar.
Calling everyone in resolute voice,
to move forward with heads held high.


Tomare deke chhi

Number Language Raga Tala
3522 Bengali Bhairavi Keherva

Calcutta April 29, 1986


Tomare deke chhi tomare cheye chhi
Tumi chhada kichhu na jani
Monone mete chhi bhalobeshe chhi
Bishshe shudhui tomare mani

Tomari bhabher srote ami bhashigo
Tomari kurubinda te nachigo
Tumi shindhu ami bindu
Tomari priti more rekhe chhe tani
Tumi chadda kichhu…

Ushna ulkaghate korokapate
Dokhina shomirone jyotsna rate
Morme bhashe dikboloye hashe
Tomari giti omrito bani
Tumi chhada kichhu…


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I call you, I desire you alone, I know none else.
My mind intoxicated in Your love, only understands You.

I have been swept in the floods of Your thoughts, dancing in Your desire.
You are the infinite ocean I am Your droplet, Your love binds me eternally.

In the showering of the fierce meteors and violent hailstorm
In the cool comforting winds of a full moon light
Your song and nectar of sweet voice, floats my heart away towards smiling horizon.


Shur toronge mohono ronge

Number Language Raga Tala
772 Bengali Bhairavi Dadra

Calcutta August 19, 1983.


Shur toronge mohono ronge, bhubone rangale ki kore
Tumi bologo bologo aamare
Modhuro onge modhuro bhonge, shabar shonge liila kore
Tumi bologo bologo aamare. shur toronge…

Mortte matale jyotsna nishithe, oruno chhobite shornimo prate
Kanokanjali champako koli, shabare chhuile nijokore
Tumi bologo bologo aamare. shur toronge…

Chhonde o taale duloje dolale, ramdhonu rong nobhe eñke dile
Shabar adale lukaye porile, bichitro tabo liila-share
Tumi bologo bologo aamare. shur toronge…


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With the waves of music and charming colors,
How have you colored this universe?
(Oh Parampurusha) Please tell me.
With sweet formation and sweet non-compliance,
Doing liila with all. Please tell me, please tell me.

Intoxicating the creation, with moonlit night
And crimson hue in the golden morning
Offering the blossoms of champak flowers
Making all Your own, by gentle touch.
Please tell me, please tell me.

Making universe dance in your rhythms and patterns
Painting it with the rainbow colors
Hiding behind all creation with unfathomable mystery
Please tell me, please tell me.


Tabo tore mala

Number Lnaguage Raga Tala
1035 Bengali Bhairavi Dadra

Calcutta, November 21, 1983.


Tabo tore mala, geñthe-chhi probhu
Hiyaro shab modhu dhele
Bhashaye diye-chhi nijere ami
Tabo bhabonar añki jhole. Hiyaro shab…

Shadhonar bol nei je amar
Neiko shonge punnero bhar
Tai shoda jachi, koruna tomar
Ashohaye thelibe ki bole?
Tumi ashohaye thelibe ki bole. Hiyaro shab…

Nei kono porapor gyan mor
Bhokti shikto nei priti dor
Acche shudhu betha bhora aañkhi lor
Amare bhola-be kon chhole. Hiyaro shab…




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Oh Parampurusha, I have prepared the garland for you,
With all the sweetness of my heart.
I have been swept away
In your ideation, eyes full with tears

I don’t have the force of sadhana (on my side)
Nor do I possess good virtues (samskaras)
So, I (can) only rely on, beg for your grace
Will you push me away helplessly?

I possess neither mundane nor spiritual knowledge
My love for you is not so devotional (also)
My eyes only possess the tears of agony.
What tricks are you trapping me with?

Bondhu he niye chalo

Number Language Raga Tala
001 Bengali Nenhum Keherva

Calcutta,  Setember 14, 1982.


Bondhu he niye chalo
Aalor oi jhorna-dharar pane.
Bondhu he niye chalo.

Aañdharer betha aar shoy na prane
Bondhu he niye chalo.

Ghumer ghor bhanganor gane gane
Bondhu he niye chalo.


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O Lord, lead me on.
Lead me unto the fountain of effulgence.
O Lord, lead me on.

I can no longer bear the pain of darkness in my heart.
O Lord, lead me on.

With Your songs, break my deep slumber.
O Lord, lead me on.