How to play a recording

To play Webex recordings a specific application (player) called “Network Recording Player” is required.

Download the instalation file of the Webex player choosing the appropriate link below according to the operational system in your computer:

When clicking on one of the links above, download of the instalation file of the player should start automatically.

After downloading the file, run it (install it) on your computer.

When the installation has been completed, it should be possible to immediately start playing the recordings. Just double click on any recording.


(Note: The version of the Webex player in the links above is the most up-to-date as of October 12, 2016.)



Problems playing the recordings?

In case you can play older recordings but not the most recent ones, you may be seeing the following message when trying to play those more recent: “Unknown file format. You may update your Network Recording Player and try again.”

This means that probably you will need to install a newer version of the Webex player.

If you tried to do this by using one of the links above and you still are having the same problem and receiving the same error message as above, then please inform us by email ( so we can update the links. (Unfortunately the links have to be manually updated.)