2015 Tour

2015 Prabhat Samgiita Tour

The 6th Tour with Kirit Dave in Brazil happened between July 10 and August 9 passing through following cities: (Click on a city to see details, pictures, available materials and audios.)


Some highlights: 

  • Instructor Kirit Dave went through 7 cities in 23 days leading concerts, recitals and workshops with emphasis on Prabhat Samgiita, one meditation workshop and one intensive training in Prabhat Samgiita with 9 days duration. (See the Tour details below.)
  • Tabla player and tabla instructor Ashesh Deva accompanied Kirit in the intensive training and in the program in Rio de Janeiro, also conducting the PS Movement’s first tabla training in Pontal do Sul – PR.
  • Tabla player Rodrigo Fonseca accompanied Kirit in the Curitiba concert and partially in the intensive training.
  • It’s the first time that the Tour went to Chapecó and Brasília, and people’s response was very good. They expressed their intention to have more days in the 2016 Tour!

Check below the Tour details with dates, cities and activities, and after that a selection of pictures showing various moments along the tour.


Booklets in Portuguese (click to open, with option to download in pdf format):


Tour details:

Dates City Program
July 10 – 12 Porto Alegre – RS workshop and recital
July 13 – 21 Pontal do Sul – PR intensive training and concert
July 21 – 23 Pontal do Sul – PR tabla training
July 22 – 23 Chapecó – SC meditation workshop, PS workshop and recital
July 24 Curitiba – PR concert
July 25 – 27 Belmiro Braga – MG 2 workshops
July 31, August 1 – 2 Brasília – DF recital and workshop
August 7 – 9 Rio de Janeiro – RJ concert and workshop


T 2015 Pontal 4

Curso intensivo – Pontal do Sul – PR

Concerto - Pontal do Sul - PR

Concerto – Pontal do Sul – PR

T 2015 Chapecó 4

UNOESC – Chapecó – SC

T 2015 Chapecó 1

Workshop – Chapecó – SC

T 2015 Brasilia 1

Concerto – Brasília

T 2015 Rio concerto

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Concerto - Curitiba - PR

Concerto – Curitiba – PR