This website and its content only represent our subjective opinion and not the official position of the Prabhat Samgiit composer, Shrii P. R. Sarkar.

Prabhat Samgiit songs are musical compositions of its author, and so they should be authentically treated in the way the composer intended its music and lyrics.

However, we also believe that the composer of Prabhat Samgiit wanted it to be the treasure of the entire humanity. Each song touches different hearts in different ways, and therefore all have the freedom to express their opinion, feelings, and interpretation of each song. We believe that no one’s interpretation is more privileged than the others. We hope that these lyrics and music also inspire your heart and experiences into the ultimate freedom which each soul deserves. We hope that they bring you the light of life from that One Ultimate Supreme Source.

The recordings on this site are for educational and learning purposes only, and so they may deter from norms. For example, as per the direction of the composer, during the performance of the Padya Kiirtan, lines of the lyrics are NOT to be repeated. But upon request from students, and as an aid to learning, we repeat the lines in our recordings. Please note also that, in order to assist with the pronunciations we write lyrics phonetically as opposed to in the prescribed Roman script.

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