Astaunga Yoga course

This course deals with Astaunga Yoga as a model for spiritual practice, and how this model is applied to actual meditation practices.

The course enables its participants to have a better understanding of the goals, processes and principles involved in different meditation practices based on Astaunga Yoga, like the Ananda Marga meditation lessons. This should give them more motivation to practice meditation and in the practice itself, as well as greater efficiency when meditating. Meditation is a practice which when conducted correctly leads to purity of the mind and greater connection to the Supreme Soul, positively impacting the life of any individual as a whole. Therefore, it also has positive effects in the social world.

A prerequisite to attend is that one should have at least the first lesson of Ananda Marga meditation or some equivalent practice.

This Astaunga Yoga course with Kirit is a one-time edition which started on September 2014. It’s divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 – SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY: An introduction to the study of Astaunga Yoga, consisting of an extensive philosophical introduction over 20 classes. The goal of this philosophical part of the course was to establish some key concepts for better learning efficiency in the second part of the course – such as: dharma; body, mind, consciousness; samskara, law of karma, reincarnation; Brahmachakra. This part 1 was concluded in April 2015.
  • Part 2 – ASTAUNGA YOGA: This is the most essential and practical part of the course –dealing directly with Astaunga Yoga. It deals with the science of meditation and its practical application to the spiritual journey, especially in the various meditation lessons based on the Astaunga Yoga model. This part is still in progress.

It’s possible to follow the course since the beginning through the study of recordings of the past classes and also by (immediately) joining the ongoing online classes.

It’s recommended for all attendees to review the past classes by study of their recordings.


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All classes are being recorded and made available to course attendees.

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PART 1: SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY (introduction to Astaunga Yoga)

PART 2: ASTAUNGA YOGA (science and practice of meditation)


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