Tabo tore mala

Number Lnaguage Raga Tala
1035 Bengali Bhairavi Dadra

Calcutta, November 21, 1983.


Tabo tore mala, geñthe-chhi probhu
Hiyaro shab modhu dhele
Bhashaye diye-chhi nijere ami
Tabo bhabonar añki jhole. Hiyaro shab…

Shadhonar bol nei je amar
Neiko shonge punnero bhar
Tai shoda jachi, koruna tomar
Ashohaye thelibe ki bole?
Tumi ashohaye thelibe ki bole. Hiyaro shab…

Nei kono porapor gyan mor
Bhokti shikto nei priti dor
Acche shudhu betha bhora aañkhi lor
Amare bhola-be kon chhole. Hiyaro shab…




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Oh Parampurusha, I have prepared the garland for you,
With all the sweetness of my heart.
I have been swept away
In your ideation, eyes full with tears

I don’t have the force of sadhana (on my side)
Nor do I possess good virtues (samskaras)
So, I (can) only rely on, beg for your grace
Will you push me away helplessly?

I possess neither mundane nor spiritual knowledge
My love for you is not so devotional (also)
My eyes only possess the tears of agony.
What tricks are you trapping me with?

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