Shonali bhor jibone mor

Number Language Raga Tala
130 Bengali Asavari Dadra

Calcutta, November 20, 1982


Shonali bhor jibone mor, aabar ki re aashabe phire
Shato bethar shato bedonar, shato lanchhanar aandhar chire
Shonali bhor …

Kato prodosh, kato probhat, kato sharot boshonto rat
Kato aasha, kato bharosha, bheshe gechhe oshru nire.
Shonali bhor …

Purvakashe orun hashe, batash bhashe phulo shubashe
Nabo borshe nabo harshe bethar sriti jay je shore
Shonali bhor …


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The golden dawn of my life, is it returning again?
Piercing the darkness of countless pains,
countless agonies, countless humiliations.

How many twilights, how many dawns,
how many autumn and spring nights,
how many hopes and aspirations
have all passed by, floating away in tears?

On the eastern horizon the crimson dawn smiles,
the fragrance of flowers floats in the air.
With the new delight of the newyear,
the memories of pain all vanish away.

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