Vrindavanam Parityajya

Number Language Raga Tala
4425 Sanskrit Bageshrii Dadra

Calcutta, August 30, 1988


Vrindavanam parityajya
Padam ekam na gachhami
Pashyami yad yada yada
Vrajabhavam na vismarami
Padam ekam …

Vadantu yad mahajanaha
Nindantu yad niitinipunaha
Bhasante yad pragya janaha
Bhavagokule dhitisthami
Padam ekam …

Kule kule niipa tamale
Priiti Vrindavane atule
Yamuna kule suniile
Praktah evam vadami
Padam ekam …


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Leaving Vrindavan
I do not go even a single step.
Whatever, wherever I see,
I will only remember Vrindavan.

Whatever may the scholars say,
Whatever may the scriptural experts critic,
Whatever may the realized persons say,
I will remain established in the sentiment of Gokula.

By the tamal trees on the river bank,
Amidst the in-comparable love of my devotees,
On the bank of the blue waters of Yamuna
I declare, I will always remain

Amar moner brindabone

Number Language Raga Tala
4057 Bengali Piloo Dadra

Calcutta, May 15, 1987


Amar moner Brindabone, Tumi probhu shoda roye chho
Jhonjha te ashoni pate, Modhu dhara dhele diye chho.
Amar moner Brindabone.

Goloker tumi hori, Gokule ele bhab dhori
Shure loye chhonde gheri, Ojut lilaye neche chole chho.
Amar moner …

Ghore achho, bahire achho, Dhomonite dhoni tule chho
Shudha roshe bhore diye chho, Manush modhur mormo majho.
Amar moner ..


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(From Prabhatasamgiita.net)

O Lord, You are ever present in the Vrnda’vana of my mind.
During storms and thundersqalls,
You pour out a flow of nectar.

You are Lord Hari of the higher arena
But You purposely appear in the world of Gokul
To continue dancing with melody and rhythms
In numerous divine plays (liilas).

You reside both within and outside of living structures.
You provide pulsation to veins.
You fill the core of my heart with nectar.