Sheje eshe chhe

Number Language Raga Tala
38 Bengali Kaharva

Ananda Nagar, 19 October, 1982


Sheje eshe chhe, mor hridoye gunjariya.
Shudha bhoriya modhu jhoriya.
Alokho debota monero majhare.
Shab kicchu alokito koriya.
Modhu jhoriya jhoriya

Emono mohono shaje she keno ashe.
Poran matano hashi she keno hashe.
Tari alo, tari alo mor bedonaro meghe.
Ramdhonu rongo dilo bhoriya
Modhu jhoriya jhoriya

Jagoter jato gan jato shur jato tan
Mone prane take nilo bhoriya
Modhu jhoriya jhoriya


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Parampurush has come and my heart is as if humming.
Nectar is filled and sweetness is dripping.
Invisible, God is in my mind.
Enlightening everything.
Dripping sweetness everywhere.

How does He appear with such a supra-esthetic beauty?
How does He smile such a heart intoxicating smile?
Withering away dark clouds of my sufferings by His light
Filling my heart with rainbow colors
Dripping sweetness everywhere.

All songs, all notes, all music in the world
Filled my heart and mind
Sweetness is dripping everywhere