Pontal do Sul – PR

Prabhat Samgiita intensive training from July 13 to 21 in Pontal do Sul – PR conducted by instructor Kirit Dave.


Some highlights: 

  • 9 days duration with 18 attendees, 4 of them partially.
  • Participation of tabla player Ashesh Deva during all training, and of tabla player Rodrigo Fonseca on days 17 and 18.
  • Jiivanii Devii lead some activities including: demonstration and practice of some compositions and introductory class on harmonium.
  • Concert by Kirit and Ashesh and dinner on July 18 in the evening; open to the public. 27 people attended besides the training attendees.


Main topics covered:

  • Learning and vocal practice of Prabhat Samgiita, along with discipline of counting/observing tala.
  • Ragas Bhairavi and Desh and secondarily also raga Asavari, with exercises (swara vistara) and compositions on these three ragas.
  • Study of main talas found in Prabhat Samgiita: dadra, kaharva, bhajan theka, rupak and teentaal.
  • Basic concepts of Indian classical music, along with demonstrations and practice.
  • Introdution to harmonium.


Booklets – click to open and download as pdf:


Songs and compositions covered

From the booklet:

Extra materials:

  • Bishsho Dolay (2777)
  • Jagichhe Bhubanoi
  • composition with tihai
  • Sonali Bhor (0130)
  • She Din Shondhay (3382)
  • demonstration of Sum in different talas: Amar Moner Udbelotay (3237), Vajra Kathora (1565), Tvam Mama Priya (3951)

Other new or reviewed contents:

  • swara vistara of raga Bhairavi
  • swara vistara of raga Desh
  • demonstration of raga Asavari
  • comparison between ragas Bhairavi and Bilaskhani Todi


Check out pictures of the program!

Curso intensivo - Pontal do Sul - PR

Curso intensivo - Pontal do Sul - PR

T 2015 Pontal 3 T 2015 Pontal 4

Curso intensivo - Pontal do Sul - PR

Curso intensivo - Pontal do Sul - PR

Concerto - Pontal do Sul - PR

Concert – Pontal do Sul – PR

Concerto - Pontal do Sul - PR

T 2015 Pontal