Pontal do Sul – PR (Tabla Training)

Tabla training by Ashesh

Ashesh Deva, integrating the Prabhat Samgiita Movement since 2010, organized and conducted a tabla training for beginners from July 21 to 23 at Espaço Anirvana, in Pontal do Sul – PR. (This program happened immediately after the Prabhat Samgiita intensive training at the same location.)


About the training:

All participants interacted a lot with the course’s content, some of them dedicating themselves more to the study of cyclic rhythms (Tala) and others giving more attention to the technique of playing the instrument. There were three students in total, with one of them not having any previous experience with musical instruments and having difficulty to maintain any rhythm. After the training, and with a lot of individual practice, all of them were able to go beyond their own expectations and those of the instructor also.

The course had two phases: the first day had collective classes with exposition of content; and the second day was focused on individual practice, with personalized instruction and lessons.


The basic contents of the training were:

  • History and constructive aspects of the instrument
  • Information on how to care and maintain the instrument
  • Collective practice of accentuation: subdivision, accent shift, use of voice
  • Basic bols
  • Singing tala: dadra, kaharva, tin tal, rupak tal
  • Collective and individual practices on the technique of playing the instrument


To see the detailed proposal of the program (in Portuguese), click here.