Vajra kathor kusum korak

Number Language Raga Tala
1565 Sanskrit Yaman Rupak

Calcutta June 13, 1984.


Vajra kathor kusum korak, pinakpanaye namo namaste
Rajat girinibha chandra shekar sarva gunani janami te

Paresh tvam prabhu apareshah tvam, artta jananam ashrayah tvam
Anadi kalatit sante samsthitah namo shantay pashupate

Sarva ratnadhish sarva tyagi tvam marakat mani udbhashitah tvam
Vishva bijam vishvasyadyam, namo shivay sambhutapate


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Translation :

(From PrabhatSamgiita.net)

You are as severe as a thunder bolt,
And yet, as tender as a flower bud.
O Lord Shiva, holder of the pinaka (a small, hand held drum), I salute You.

You are like a silver mountain,
With a (crescent) moon on Your head.
I know that You have all the attributes.

You are controller of both the expressed
And the unexpressed worlds.
You are the shelter of all distressed people.

You are beginningless and beyond the scope of time,
And yet, You remain everpresent in all finite objects.
I salute You, O ever tranquil one.
O controlling Lord of animalistic tendencies!

You are the owner of all gems and jewels,
And yet, You have relinquished everything.
You are as effulgent as a bright emerald.