Meghmeduro rate

Number Language Raga Tala
4529 Bengali Darbari Kanada Tintal and Sitarkhani

Ananda Nagar, March 1, 1989


Meghmeduro rate chhonde gite, shatoto tabo kripa kona jeche jai
Klishtho dhorate sheba dhalite, tomare ami probhu tushite je chai.

Pranero prokash mor tumi ektara, dik dikbhranta pothe tumi dhruvo tara
Atol opar tumi shahasro dhara, khunje khunje tol nahi pai.
Tomare ami ..

Jobe kichhu chhilo nako ekala tumi chhile, he Purushottamo ki kore dhora rochile
Kisher aashe ek theke onek hole, e proshner uttaro nai.
Tomare ami …


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In the midst of the dark cloudy night, and the songs and music
I keep begging for Your grace.
I will serve this universe suffering in sorrow.
Oh Parampurusha I want to please You.

You are the light of my pranas, You are the pole star of the lost (traveler)
Your depths are immeasurable, You are vast like  thousand flows
As much as one may try, (but) will never find your depths.

When there was nothing, You were there alone.
Oh Purushottama how could You have created this universe?
How did You be come many from One?
There is no answer to this question.

Tvam mama priyaha

Number Language Raga Tala
3951 Sanskrit Darbari Kanada Tintal and Sitarkhani

Calcutta, January 14, 1987


Tvam mama priyaha tvamasi ameya
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja
Chandana charchitaha kaustubha nanditah
Kinshukadhara Mathura rajaha
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja

Tamal nipavane benuka svanane
Hasadasi priyamama svapane jagarane
Chintayamasi kripyam snapayasi
Bahasi antaredhiraja
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja

Agachhatu priya marme gabhire mama
Tushare dhavalata hutashe dahika sama
Ritambhara dyuti svayambhara priti
Vishvatita adhiraja
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja


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(From PrabhatSamgiita.net)

O Lord, You are immeasurable.
You have taken Your seat in the mental Vraja.
O noble child of Mathura,
Your body is anointed with sandal paste and decorated with kaostubha gems.
It emanates the beauty of a red kinshuka flower.

In the tamala, kadamba and bamboo groves of Gokula,
You appear before me, in my wakeful and sleeping states,
with a charming smile, as if standing under the trees
You are in my thought. You always shower Your grace upon all.
You are the effulgent light in the core of every heart.
Come, O dear Lord, into the depths of my heart.

Be with me like the inherent quality of whiteness in snow or the burning faculty in fire.
Your effulgence engulfs every particle of the creation.
Your overflowing love fills every microcosm.
You are above and beyond the universe.
You are the Supreme Lord of the intellect of every unit being.