Tomar hiyay amar

Number Language Raga Tala
837 Bengali Dadra

Calcutta, September 6, 1983


Tomar hiyay amar, nei ki kono sthan
Balo nei ki kono sthan
Thai jodi na thake, kothay amar tran
Balo kothay amar tran.  Tomar hiyay amar …

Birat moner odhish tumi, nei je tomar iti
Khudra bindu shamo ami, tuchha prani oti
Amay jodi sthan nahi dao, badhbe nako maan
Tomar badhbe nako maan.  Tomar hiyay amar…

Here java hiyar majhe, tumi dhrubo tara
Shiter rater barshanete, ushna prolep dhara
Shabar Iagi tumi achho, achho ami chhada
Ami chhada tumi eje, tomar apoman,
Balo tomar apoman. Tomar hiyay amar….


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Is there no place for me in  your heart?
Tell me, is there no place for me?
If there is no place then tell me where would be my liberation?
Tell me, where would be my liberation?

You are the controller of the infinite mind and You are endless.
I am like an insignificant drop, like an extremely insignificant life.
If you don’t give me a place in Your heart, Your prestige will not increase.

You are the guide for all those hearts who are lost.
In a cold night you are like warmth
You are for everybody but You are without me.
The fact that You are without me is actually an insult to You.