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Program in Curitiba on August 8, with Kirit Dave and Joaquin Olmedo. Organized by Tannistha Ayres Pellanda.

Included an interview in the afternoon in the web radio program “De Bem com a Vida” of the Instituto De Bem com a Vida, and a concert in the evening at the then headquarters of AYPAR (Associação de Yoga do Paraná).


Interview with Kirit and Joaquin at the radio program “De Bem com a Vida”.


Pictures below – full house concert at the then AYPAR headquarters:


2012-curitiba-2a-1 2012-curitiba-2b-1 2012-curitiba-3

Belmiro Braga

Intensive training held at the Ananda Kiirtana farm/master unit, in Belmiro Braga. The course was divided into two parts:

1. Intensive course on Devotional Songs, from July 23 to 25: open to all kinds of attendees but with focus on people who had little or no previous contacts with Kirit’s teachings.

2. Advanced Retreat, on July 26 and 27: also open to all kinds of attendees but with greater emphasis on advanced contents. In any case, Kirit always works with all people present taking into account each one’s level and personal development, so that all attendees find opportunities for learning and growth.

One workshop and other activities, including a presentation of Indian classical dance and Prabhat Samgiita study circles, were conducted during Ananda Marga’s spiritual retreat held at the same location just before the intensive training.


Access the booklets used during the program (click to open and download as pdf):

  • Beginner’s level booklet – in Portuguese: Click here
  • Advanced level booklet – in Portuguese: Click here
  • Advanced level booklet – in English: Click here


Indian classical dance presentation in the Bharatanatyam style:



Workshop during the Ananda Marga spiritual retreat:2012-ak-03

Part 1 of the intensive training:


2012-ak-05 2012-ak-06 2012-ak-07

Part 2 of the intensive training:

2012-ak-08 2012-ak-09 2012-ak-10 2012-ak-11