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2010 Tour

2010 Prabhat Samgiita Tour

The 1st Tour with Kirit Dave in Brazil happened in 2010 with activities in the following cities:

  • São Paulo – SP
  • Campinas – SP
  • Porangaba – SP
  • Belmiro Braga – MG

Mele Kealoha accompanied Kirit in the Tour doing interpretation work and giving logistic support.

After the testimony below, please find pictures of the programs in all locations.


Booklets used in the workshops (click to open; with option to download in pdf format):


Testimony of an attendee of the programs in Campinas and Belmiro Braga:

During these 4 intensive days with Prabhat Samgiita I was in a state of enchantment. Certainly it’s not easy at all to sing while following rhythm, melody and correct pronunciation of the words. But even then I was able to feel how much the poetry, the sentiment of these beautiful songs, take us closer to the Supreme Consciousness.

And this makes me think that each Prabhat Samgiita song was especially created for each devotee, because each one as a poetic way to relate to Parama Purusa [Supreme Consciousness].

There was a marked difference in my meditation after the Prabhat Samgiita classes – a greater sweetness. Baba inspires us in different ways and in his creations lies a deep wisdom for the well-being of the society.

To sing Prabhat Samgiita collectively was also a fascinating experience, because I realized each one’s potential; all were singing with all their heart and overcoming their particular limitations.

And to finish, I cannot help to thank our dear instructor Kirit Dave, for his generosity in serving us with this very deep knowledge, and with great patience – because teaching Indian classical music must not be easy.

My way to express gratitude will be to continue studying Indian classical music and Prabhata Samgiita so that in the near future I can pass forward this valuable knowledge.



Concert at “A Arte do Ser Cantante” Space, São Paulo-SP


Concert at Raízes Zen restaurant, Campinas-SP


Workshop at Casa do Mato, Campinas-SP


Workshop at Visão Futuro Ecologica Park, Porangaba-SP


Workshop at Visão Futuro Ecological Park, Porangaba-SP


Intensive training at Ananda Kiirtana Master Unit, Belmiro Braga-MG


Intensive training at Ananda Kiirtana Master Unit, Belmiro Braga-MG


Intensive training at Ananda Kiirtana Master Unit, Belmiro Braga-MG


Concert in Campinas, 2010.