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In this blog-page you can find all Prabhat Samgiita songs posted in our website. We will keep adding more songs that we studied in our programs.

The songs have here been named after an initial segment of their lyrics (which is not an official name, because the composer didn’t name the songs). Each song is identified with its number, given according to its order in the sequence of composition of the songs (totaling 5018 songs). Other pieces of information given are: language, raga and tala in which the song is composed and date of composition. Many songs don’t follow any particular known raga, possibly being composed in other melodic forms or musical styles.

For each song we present the original lyrics transliterated to Roman script. Transliteration was done with phonetic adaptations so as to better reflect how the words are actually pronounced. (See more on Pronunciation.)

After the lyrics there is in general an audio presenting the song and a download button for the same audio file. Lastly follows a translation of the lyrics. As the Prabhat Samgiita lyrics are very poetic and subtle in general, they allow much room for subjective interpretation, particularly during translation.

Around hundred songs have already been studied in our ONLINE CLASSES. So, if you are interested in going deeper into the pronunciation of a song, into its meaning or detailed (word by word) translation, we recommend you to listen to the recording of the class in which it was studied (if it already was). So, in case the recording is available in our website, then its download link has been posted after the download button of the audio file and before the translation.

We hope you enjoy these songs and their message!

NOTE: The audio files posted below to present each song are not professional studio recordings. They are recordings of live presentations or practice sessions with students. Therefore, the audio quality is probably not the best, and there may also be occasional, smaller problems in the aspects of music or lyrics. When and if we get a better recording, we will post it here. We expect that these possible shortcomings don’t distract listeners from getting a good idea about the songs, and from being able to appreciate it!

Your comments are welcome!

In the website you can find the lyrics of all Prabhat Samgiita songs and listen to audio recordings of most of them.