Aamar dukher rate ele probhu

Number Language Raga Tala
1563 Bengali Bhairavi Dadra

Calcutta June 12, 1984.


Aamar   dukher   rate   ele   probhu,   shukher   dine   ele   na
Aañkhir   jole   dhora   dile,   phañkir   chhole   bhulle   na.
Shukher   dine   ele   na.
Boshonteri   phuler   dalay,   shajiye   rakha   pujarchanay,
Orgho   dite   paini   tomay,   jeche   nile   bedonay
Shukher   dine   ele   na.
Hashir   khelay,   aalor   melay,   paini   tomay   khushir   belay,
Nirandhro   ei   amanishay,   pelum   tabo   koruna.
Shukher   dine   ele   na.


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You visited me on the painful nights, but did not come to share my joys.
You could not be known by the trickery of intellect but by the tears of heart alone.

The spring brought the beauty of flowers; I prepared Items for your worship,
You could not be realized with any offerings,
but only with sincere surrender of the anguished heart.

In the frivolous playfulness and glittering, I did not seek You.
Yet I received Your grace, on the darkest night of the new moon.




Shur toronge mohono ronge

Number Language Raga Tala
772 Bengali Bhairavi Dadra

Calcutta August 19, 1983.


Shur toronge mohono ronge, bhubone rangale ki kore
Tumi bologo bologo aamare
Modhuro onge modhuro bhonge, shabar shonge liila kore
Tumi bologo bologo aamare. shur toronge…

Mortte matale jyotsna nishithe, oruno chhobite shornimo prate
Kanokanjali champako koli, shabare chhuile nijokore
Tumi bologo bologo aamare. shur toronge…

Chhonde o taale duloje dolale, ramdhonu rong nobhe eñke dile
Shabar adale lukaye porile, bichitro tabo liila-share
Tumi bologo bologo aamare. shur toronge…


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With the waves of music and charming colors,
How have you colored this universe?
(Oh Parampurusha) Please tell me.
With sweet formation and sweet non-compliance,
Doing liila with all. Please tell me, please tell me.

Intoxicating the creation, with moonlit night
And crimson hue in the golden morning
Offering the blossoms of champak flowers
Making all Your own, by gentle touch.
Please tell me, please tell me.

Making universe dance in your rhythms and patterns
Painting it with the rainbow colors
Hiding behind all creation with unfathomable mystery
Please tell me, please tell me.


Tomar hiyay amar

Number Language Raga Tala
837 Bengali Dadra

Calcutta, September 6, 1983


Tomar hiyay amar, nei ki kono sthan
Balo nei ki kono sthan
Thai jodi na thake, kothay amar tran
Balo kothay amar tran.  Tomar hiyay amar …

Birat moner odhish tumi, nei je tomar iti
Khudra bindu shamo ami, tuchha prani oti
Amay jodi sthan nahi dao, badhbe nako maan
Tomar badhbe nako maan.  Tomar hiyay amar…

Here java hiyar majhe, tumi dhrubo tara
Shiter rater barshanete, ushna prolep dhara
Shabar Iagi tumi achho, achho ami chhada
Ami chhada tumi eje, tomar apoman,
Balo tomar apoman. Tomar hiyay amar….


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Is there no place for me in  your heart?
Tell me, is there no place for me?
If there is no place then tell me where would be my liberation?
Tell me, where would be my liberation?

You are the controller of the infinite mind and You are endless.
I am like an insignificant drop, like an extremely insignificant life.
If you don’t give me a place in Your heart, Your prestige will not increase.

You are the guide for all those hearts who are lost.
In a cold night you are like warmth
You are for everybody but You are without me.
The fact that You are without me is actually an insult to You.

Bhalobasha bhora

Number Language Raga Tala
4713 Bengali Bhairavi and a touch of Chandrakauns Dadra

Calcutta, January 27, 1990


Bhalobasha bhora bhubaner ronge tiktota dhelo na
Kareo kandite dio na, kareo kandite dio na
Mohanero rupe smito dhupe dipe
Oshanti bhoro na. Kareo kandite dio na.

Probhato proshun smito shatodol
Chhodaiya dey priti porimol
Modhurima makha aalokajjalo
Dine kalo korona. Kareo kandite dio na.

Shondha tara bole mridu heshe
Shabar momota shabetei meshe
Ketoki keshoro mohakashe bhashe
Tahare rodhio na. Kareo kandite dio na.


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This universe filled with color of love,
Please do not emit bitterness.
Let no one cry (in pain)
In the charming colorful smiles
Please do not disturb peace.

The morning lotus with lovely smile,
Conveys fragrance of love,
Sweetness full of lovely light
Please do not darken.

The evening star (Venus) speaks with a gentle smile
The love of all merged in all
The scent of ketaki, keshar floating away in the vast sky
Please do not hinder.

Shonali bhor jibone mor

Number Language Raga Tala
130 Bengali Asavari Dadra

Calcutta, November 20, 1982


Shonali bhor jibone mor, aabar ki re aashabe phire
Shato bethar shato bedonar, shato lanchhanar aandhar chire
Shonali bhor …

Kato prodosh, kato probhat, kato sharot boshonto rat
Kato aasha, kato bharosha, bheshe gechhe oshru nire.
Shonali bhor …

Purvakashe orun hashe, batash bhashe phulo shubashe
Nabo borshe nabo harshe bethar sriti jay je shore
Shonali bhor …


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The golden dawn of my life, is it returning again?
Piercing the darkness of countless pains,
countless agonies, countless humiliations.

How many twilights, how many dawns,
how many autumn and spring nights,
how many hopes and aspirations
have all passed by, floating away in tears?

On the eastern horizon the crimson dawn smiles,
the fragrance of flowers floats in the air.
With the new delight of the newyear,
the memories of pain all vanish away.

Vrindavanam Parityajya

Number Language Raga Tala
4425 Sanskrit Bageshrii Dadra

Calcutta, August 30, 1988


Vrindavanam parityajya
Padam ekam na gachhami
Pashyami yad yada yada
Vrajabhavam na vismarami
Padam ekam …

Vadantu yad mahajanaha
Nindantu yad niitinipunaha
Bhasante yad pragya janaha
Bhavagokule dhitisthami
Padam ekam …

Kule kule niipa tamale
Priiti Vrindavane atule
Yamuna kule suniile
Praktah evam vadami
Padam ekam …


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Leaving Vrindavan
I do not go even a single step.
Whatever, wherever I see,
I will only remember Vrindavan.

Whatever may the scholars say,
Whatever may the scriptural experts critic,
Whatever may the realized persons say,
I will remain established in the sentiment of Gokula.

By the tamal trees on the river bank,
Amidst the in-comparable love of my devotees,
On the bank of the blue waters of Yamuna
I declare, I will always remain

Amar moner brindabone

Number Language Raga Tala
4057 Bengali Piloo Dadra

Calcutta, May 15, 1987


Amar moner Brindabone, Tumi probhu shoda roye chho
Jhonjha te ashoni pate, Modhu dhara dhele diye chho.
Amar moner Brindabone.

Goloker tumi hori, Gokule ele bhab dhori
Shure loye chhonde gheri, Ojut lilaye neche chole chho.
Amar moner …

Ghore achho, bahire achho, Dhomonite dhoni tule chho
Shudha roshe bhore diye chho, Manush modhur mormo majho.
Amar moner ..


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O Lord, You are ever present in the Vrnda’vana of my mind.
During storms and thundersqalls,
You pour out a flow of nectar.

You are Lord Hari of the higher arena
But You purposely appear in the world of Gokul
To continue dancing with melody and rhythms
In numerous divine plays (liilas).

You reside both within and outside of living structures.
You provide pulsation to veins.
You fill the core of my heart with nectar.