Vajra kathor kusum korak

Number Language Raga Tala
1565 Sanskrit Yaman Rupak

Calcutta June 13, 1984.


Vajra kathor kusum korak, pinakpanaye namo namaste
Rajat girinibha chandra shekar sarva gunani janami te

Paresh tvam prabhu apareshah tvam, artta jananam ashrayah tvam
Anadi kalatit sante samsthitah namo shantay pashupate

Sarva ratnadhish sarva tyagi tvam marakat mani udbhashitah tvam
Vishva bijam vishvasyadyam, namo shivay sambhutapate


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Translation :


You are as severe as a thunder bolt,
And yet, as tender as a flower bud.
O Lord Shiva, holder of the pinaka (a small, hand held drum), I salute You.

You are like a silver mountain,
With a (crescent) moon on Your head.
I know that You have all the attributes.

You are controller of both the expressed
And the unexpressed worlds.
You are the shelter of all distressed people.

You are beginningless and beyond the scope of time,
And yet, You remain everpresent in all finite objects.
I salute You, O ever tranquil one.
O controlling Lord of animalistic tendencies!

You are the owner of all gems and jewels,
And yet, You have relinquished everything.
You are as effulgent as a bright emerald.

Tvam mama priyaha

Number Language Raga Tala
3951 Sanskrit Darbari Kanada Tintal and Sitarkhani

Calcutta, January 14, 1987


Tvam mama priyaha tvamasi ameya
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja
Chandana charchitaha kaustubha nanditah
Kinshukadhara Mathura rajaha
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja

Tamal nipavane benuka svanane
Hasadasi priyamama svapane jagarane
Chintayamasi kripyam snapayasi
Bahasi antaredhiraja
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja

Agachhatu priya marme gabhire mama
Tushare dhavalata hutashe dahika sama
Ritambhara dyuti svayambhara priti
Vishvatita adhiraja
Vasasi manasi vrajaraja


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O Lord, You are immeasurable.
You have taken Your seat in the mental Vraja.
O noble child of Mathura,
Your body is anointed with sandal paste and decorated with kaostubha gems.
It emanates the beauty of a red kinshuka flower.

In the tamala, kadamba and bamboo groves of Gokula,
You appear before me, in my wakeful and sleeping states,
with a charming smile, as if standing under the trees
You are in my thought. You always shower Your grace upon all.
You are the effulgent light in the core of every heart.
Come, O dear Lord, into the depths of my heart.

Be with me like the inherent quality of whiteness in snow or the burning faculty in fire.
Your effulgence engulfs every particle of the creation.
Your overflowing love fills every microcosm.
You are above and beyond the universe.
You are the Supreme Lord of the intellect of every unit being.

Vrindavanam Parityajya

Number Language Raga Tala
4425 Sanskrit Bageshrii Dadra

Calcutta, August 30, 1988


Vrindavanam parityajya
Padam ekam na gachhami
Pashyami yad yada yada
Vrajabhavam na vismarami
Padam ekam …

Vadantu yad mahajanaha
Nindantu yad niitinipunaha
Bhasante yad pragya janaha
Bhavagokule dhitisthami
Padam ekam …

Kule kule niipa tamale
Priiti Vrindavane atule
Yamuna kule suniile
Praktah evam vadami
Padam ekam …


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Leaving Vrindavan
I do not go even a single step.
Whatever, wherever I see,
I will only remember Vrindavan.

Whatever may the scholars say,
Whatever may the scriptural experts critic,
Whatever may the realized persons say,
I will remain established in the sentiment of Gokula.

By the tamal trees on the river bank,
Amidst the in-comparable love of my devotees,
On the bank of the blue waters of Yamuna
I declare, I will always remain