Local programs

Local programs are in-person events conducted in Brazil by our local instructors. Besides these programs, there are also study groups and informal meetings.

The Prabhat Samgiita For All movement, under guidance and with the lead of instructor Kirit Dave, has been doing great effort towards the training of local instructors of Prabhat Samgiita and of the science of meditation. The goal is to promote the spread of this knowledge in a progressively more autonomous and local form, taking the knowledge to all corners of Brazil and, in the future, also to other countries.

As part of this diffusion effort we have the execution of various programs conducted by the local instructors of the movement – programs such as mini-retreats, workshops, concerts and recitals. In these programs one has the opportunity to learn and practice the knowledge made available by the instructors; to share knowledge and experiences between attendees; and to have a conducive environment for the practice of leadership and conduction of activities.

See below the list of local programs already carried out in Brazil, starting from the most recent.

Clicking on a year you will open a page having more details on each program, pictures and access to the booklets utilized.

Check also the UPCOMING events. And if you are interested in organizing a program with us, feel free to CONTACT US.



Juiz de Fora – MG: October 29 – Prabhat Samgiita Workshop

Belo Horizonte – MG: June 11 and 12 – Indian Music / Prabhat Samgiita Workshop

São Paulo – SP: May 19 – Workshop on Devotional Indian Music

Petrópolis – RJ: May 14 and 15 – Presentation of spiritual songs and Workshop

Rio de Janeiro – RJ: April 9 – Presentation of spiritual songs

Campinas – SP: from March 15 to June 14 – weekly Indian Music Course

Rio de Janeiro – RJ: January 30 and 31 – Mini-retreat on Devotional Indian Music



Petrópolis – RJ: December 15 – Presentation of spiritual songs

Campinas – SP: December 11 – Prabhat Samgiita presentation

Petrópolis – RJ: November 14 and 15 –Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat

Chapecó – SC: between November 6 and 8 – Prabhat Samgiita Workshop – in the III Tantra Yoga Retreat in Chapecó

São Paulo – SP: October 17 – Concert in the Bhakti Rasa program – “Música TranscendentAll”

Petrópolis – RJ: October 4 to 6 – Prabhat Samgiita Micro-retreat

Belo Horizonte – MG: August 27 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-workshop

Florianópolis – SC: August 8 and 9 – Workshop on Devotional Indian Music and Spiritual Songs

São Paulo – SP: June 28 – Workshop on Devotional Indian Music

Campinas – SP: June 20 – Workshop on Devotional Indian Music

Viamão – RS: April 3 to 5 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat

Porto Alegre – RS: March 21 – Prabhat Samgiita Concert

Rio de Janeiro – RJ: February 7 and 8 – Prabhat Samgiita Workshop

Belmiro Braga – MG: January 5 and 6 – Prabhat Samgiita Workshop



Piracaia – SP: November 28 to 30 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat with public concert

Piracaia – SP: January 22 to 27 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat with public concert



Piracaia – SP: October – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat (Piracaia-Campinas meeting)

Florianópolis – SC: May 30 to June 2 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat (Preparatory encounter for the 2013 intensive training)

Viamão – RS: February 2 to 7 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat (Encounter of immersion and satsaunga)



Piracaia – SP:May 25 to 27 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat

Piracaia – SP: January 9 to 11 – Prabhat Samgiita Mini-retreat