Petrópolis mini-retreat

The mini-retreat happened on November 14 e 15 at Shiva Ashram, in Petrópolis – RJ. The instructor was Mahesh and local organizer was Nirmegha. The event had two attendees and two visitors . One of the results of the event as a proposal for a Prabhat Samgiita presentation on December 14 at Shiva Space, also in Petrópolis. In a date after this presentation, an introductory PS workshop could be organized.


Contents studied in the mini-retreat:


Booklet (in Portuguese):

Can be accessed here.


Evaluation by attendees:

The mini-retreat contributed for them to improve their grasp of the songs. This will help them to conduct practice of PS in their collective meditation meeting. They were 100% satisfied with the facility and also with the instructor.


Participation of visitors/host:

Visitors appreciated their participation. One of them is a professional musician and was happy with the opportunity to learn different things. The host was happy and expects this to be a first event of many others to come. He was very helpful to the attendees.


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