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Juiz de Fora

Concert held at the Pró-Música Cultural Center in the evening of July 12. Local organizers were Liila, Arádhaná and Parvati. Sumaya took the pictures.

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São Paulo

The program in São Paulo had following activities:

  • August 5 in the evening: concert at Espaço Rasa;
  • August 6 and 7: workshop at Espaço A Arte do Ser Cantante;
  • August 9 in the evening: short workshop/talk in the collective meditation gathering at Casa das Escolhas.


Open the workshop’s booklet (with option to download as pdf):




Concert at Espaço Rasa, Vila Madalena



During the workshop


Attendees at the workshop


Rio de Janeiro


In July 8 to 10 the 2016 Tour with Kirit had its start and first portion in Rio de Janeiro.

All activities (concert and workshop) happened at the Ananda Marga Center in Copacabana. Inviting Ashesh to come and contribute with his TABLA was a great “plus” to the program.

On Friday 8, there was a concert with Kirit and Ashesh. Some 16 people attended. The concert was very beautiful.

The workshop happened in the weekend. Eight people attended and one got interested in practicing harmonium.


Booklet of the workshop (in Portuguese): click here to open. (With option to download as pdf.)


Audio excerpts from the concert:

Tumi je Eshe Chho Aaj:


Vajra Kathor Kusum Korak:




Concert on July 8


Workshop – on July 9 and 10





The program in Brasília was held at Espaço Ananda Marga (located at SCLN 202 Norte) and consisted of following activities:

  • August 11: talk on the science of meditation
  • August 12: “Night of Celestial Music” concert
  • August 13 and 14: workshop on devotional chants (Prabhat Samgiita)


Open the workshop’s booklet (with option to download as pdf file):



Talk on the science of meditation


Prabhat Samgiita concert


Pontal do Sul

This was the 4th consecutive intensive training held at Anirvana Space, in Pontal do Sul – PR, always having as our kind guests Tannistha (also local organizer) and Ratna.

Jiivanii conducted some of the Prabhat Samgiita class and one harmonium class. Ashesh conducted a class on tabla. The remaining classes were conducted by Kirit accompanied by Ashesh on tabla, as well as a public concert on Friday evening.

Cultural programs in the evenings had the exhibition of an excellent documentary on Indian classical music and also two shorter documentaries about Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Allauddin Khan, respectively. Kirit enriched these exhibition with observations and explanations.


Access the Workshop’s booklet (option to download as pdf):



Meeting at the end to evaluate the program

2016-pontal-13 2016-pontal-12


Tabla class conducted by Ashesh



Harmonium class conducted by Jiivanii


Kirit leading a Prabhat Samgiita class accompanied by Ashesh


Jiivanii leading a Prabhat Samgiita class accompanied by Ashesh

2016-pontal-08 2016-pontal-07 2016-pontal-05

2016-pontal-03 2016-pontal-02


During public concert on Friday evening

Porto Alegre

The program in Porto Alegre was hosted at Ananda Marga Porto Alegre center (on July 22) and at Ánandam center (on July 23 and 24). Following activities were conducted:

  • July 22: tabla workshop with Ashesh and talk by Kirit.
  • July 23 (evening): “Indian Night” event with musical presentation by Kirit and Ashesh and Indian dance presentation by Gopa Shree.
  • July 23 and 24: Prabhat Samgiita Indian Music Workshop with Kirit and Ashesh.


Access the Workshop booklet (with option to download as pdf):


Group gathered at the Prabhat Samgiita Indian Music Workshop at Ánandam center



Evening meeting for a talk by Kirit at the Ananda Marga Porto Alegre center


July 5 in the afternoon we Kirit gave a talk at Shiva Ashram; the subject was Sada Shiva, a great personality which due to his fundamental contributions to humanity can be regarded as Father of human civilization.

In the event there was a presentation of songs on Shiva, most of them Prabhat Samgiita songs, which took place at the Shiva Space.

Special thanks to Maurinho, our host at Shiva Ashram and at Shiva Space Shiva, to Shirlei for her help in the transportation, and to Marcos Guimarães, for helping with the sound equipment and taking pictures.



A good number of around 40 people gathered to attend Kirit’s presentation of various songs on Shiva, most of them Prabhat Samgiita songs. The public was very attentive and enjoyed the recital. In between the songs Kirit gave relevant commentaries and information about those and their meaning. In the end people expresses their interest by asking various questions, which received good clarifications by Kirit.




A small but interested group went all the way to Shiva Ashram, located in the hills between Petrópolis and Teresópolis, to be able to accompany Kirit in his visit to the place and especially to listen to his talk on Shiva.

For more than one hour Kirit shared with those present a great deal of information about this personality whose name is very famous, but whose history is not well known with clarity and is much mixed to all the myths created around him. Kirit highlighted the historical context in which Sada Shiva was born and lived; traits of his personality and conduct; and the breadth of his fundamental contribution to the formation and development of human civilization up to the present days. Kirit answered various questions and left everybody satisfied.