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2011 Tour

2011 Prabhat Samgiita Tour

The 2nd Tour with Kirit Dave in Brazil was a joint tour with programs both in Brazil as in Argentina. The Tour happened from July 8 to 28 of 2011 with activities in the following cities: (Click on a city to see details, pictures, available materials and audios.)


Brasil :

Argentina :


Booklets used in the workshops (click to open, with option to download in pdf format):

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In Portuguese: click here

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Details of the Tour:

Dates City Program
Brasil :
July 8 – 9 Araruama – RJ concert and workshop
July 10 Campinas – SP workshop and concert
Argentina :
July 14 Villa Carlos Paz – Cba. workshop
July 15 Villa Del Dique – Cba. workshop and concert
July 16 Rosario – Sta. Fe. workshop
July 16 – 17 Moreno – Bs.As. concert and workshop
Brasil :
July 18 – 20 São Paulo – SP concert, talk and workshop
July 25 – 28 Belmiro Braga – MG intensive training