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Bhajore Ishtho Nam

Number Language Raga Tala
4673 Bengali Bhairavi Bhajan Theka

Calcutta January 4, 1990.

(Ishtha Mantra Song)


Bhajo re ishtho nam, mon amar,
Bhajo re ishtho nam,
Mon amar bhajo re ishtho nam
Srishthi sthiti tatei nihito
Tahatei shesh porinam,
Mon amar bhajo re ishtho nam.

Dilen je purush e amrito nam
Tini i janen er nabo dham
Dhorar dhulay ei obhiram
Shune jao obiram. Mon amar…

Je amrito loke achhen she srashtha
Anrito jogote bhangen she spardha
Shakol dharaker ekak she dhortta
She amar mohon shutham. Mon amar…




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O my mind, Sing the name of Ishta (Ishta Mantra)
Creation, present form and final consequence,
All reside covertly within Him.

Only the supreme One, who bestowed on us this immortal name,
Knows its true resting place.
On this dusty earth, His name is truly beautiful
Constantly listen to His name.

He is the Creator, who remains in the world of immortality
(From there) He breaks all attachments of the transient world
He is the One (and only) controller of all vibrations
He is my ultimate and charming true home.